Social Analytics and Digital Experimentation

How do new technologies and new means of social interaction impact productivity, consumer demand, political mobilization, and public health?

Analyzing human interaction and behavior in a time of great digital transformation

The IDE examines the profound impact social behavior and digital experimentation has on our lives, including how it affects aspects such as political mobilization, consumer demand, information sharing, worker productivity, and even stock prices. Through our research, we show how social networks can improve social and business policy through a dramatic new scientific understanding of human behavior. Recent projects include a study of how social media can help proactively manage epidemics through social media, as well as how mobilization and tracking impact voter democratization.

Deep Learning Applications in Financial Services

Deep Learning is one of the most exciting new technologies in artificial intelligence.  It is currently used for voice recognition and image identification in firms like Google, Facebook, and Apple. Most recently deep learning algorithms were used to create a program that beat one the world’s best GO players. The purpose of this project is to apply this technology to the development of new products in Financial Services. 

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