Jeff Lee

Postdoctoral Associate

Jeff Lee is a post-doctoral associate in the Management Science group at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Previously, Lee taught the MBA courses on Listening to the Customer (15.821) and Strategic Market Measurement (15.822).

Lee specializes in consumer motivation for symbols of social status. His current research focuses on instances in which consumers might actually be demotivated from owning and using high-status products, and how fundamental consumer dynamics such as imagination and increased status can negatively influence interest in luxury items. Another related stream of research explores how consumers may experience performance deficits when using high-status products for performance enhancement. In addition, Lee is interested in consumer word-of-mouth behavior and social influence in networks. His research has been featured in media publications such as Modern Advertising, The Financial Times, and The Huffington Post.

Lee holds a BS in economics and in sociology from Duke University, and a DBA in business administration in marketing from Harvard Business School.

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